PMC Lubrication (SWE)

PMC Lubrication supplies central lubrication systems, with the focus on Mobile Systems and the Industrial area. Also offers lubrication-free bearings to the steel, paper and mining industries and machine operation systems to the automotive industry.

  • PMC Lubrication

PMC Lubrication has a long history, with over 30 years in the industry as a supplier of Lincoln lubrication systems and maintenance-free bearings for vehicles and machinery. We are a strategic player with great influence in our market.

Our aim is to work with our customers, develop products and provide support and services that add value for both manufacturers and users.

PMC Lubrication values high quality, flexibility and closeness to the customer. And that is what we deliver.

What all our products share, whether they are for mobile or industrial applications, is the stress we place on customer development.

We have learned to make use of the creativity that exists among our customers and employees. Our customers' needs, together with our own experience and our suppliers' product knowledge, provide a unique development opportunity in the field of lubrication systems and maintenance.

Whichever product area we are looking at, we find lubrication products based on quality and built-in safety.

Our contribution to the environment is built on knowledge and control, which our customers expect as a matter of course.

In the longer term, we want to see our products as "future-proof", which means integrated electronics and on-line control and monitoring functions. Naturally, we work with the latest technology; you can now get intelligent lubrication systems from PMC Lubrication.

The "ace up our sleeve" is DEVA self-lubricating bearings. A product range with the potential for maintenance and economy designed for tough environments. DEVA self-lubricating bearings can be used in addition or as an alternative to maintenance and central lubrication.

Our customers range from small equipment resellers to production-line machinery manufacturers. Our industrial customers come mainly from the steel, mining, paper and forestry industries.