Splitter gearboxes

Splitter gearboxes are ideal for fitting to diesel motors in order to power several hydraulic pumps. The gearboxes are available in versions for 2-6 pumps and with a number of different ratios enabling the right speed to be obtained for all pumps.

The gearboxes can be supplied in versions with:


  • Flywheel housing and clutch for connecting to a diesel engine.
  • Fitted BD type overrunning clutch (on the engine’s flywheel side).
  • Fitted cooling oil pump for high power outputs (up to 400 kW).
  • Connecting flanges for the most common pumps on the market.
  • Full-length driveshaft for single shaft drive.

We offer splitter gearboxes from the manufacturers shown below. Click on the relevant manufacturer link for more detailed information.