Pulsation damper

T.P.D. reduces vibration noise by more than 95%

Fluid-borne noise in hydraulic systems

All types of hydraulic pumps and motors generate pressure pulsations in the hydraulic fluid. The pressure pulsations are propagated out into the system with very little attenuation in the fluid, resulting in vibrations within pipes.

The vibrations are transmitted to building and machine structures via the points of contact on the hydraulic pipes, and audible structure-borne noise is emitted by the pipework and other vibrating surfaces.

The T.P.D preassure pulsation damper solves the problem

The pressure pulsation damper reduces the pressure pulsations and, as a result, the problem of structure-borne noise.

Vibrations in pipework and valve panels often result in leaks, e.g. due to fatigue in connection fittings and sealing faces. Using pressure filters also allows more efficient filtration, thanks to the greater uniformity of the fluid flows obtained.

The pressure pulsation damper therefore creates good conditions for ensuring clean, quiet and leak-free systems.