We have experience of the most advanced application of lubrication for hydrostatic bearings. High-viscosity oils are essential for this application, and this has lead us to a state-of-the-art competence in the field.

One source

Lubrication is a delicate process. All parts must work together and weak links must be eliminated to avoid costly break-downs and damage. The safest solution is often a turn-key lubrication system from a single supplier.

From PMC Hytech you will get complete systems for your application with pumps, filters,
cooling and tanks. All is designed to secure reliable production. Therefore you should let us be responsible for your lubrication needs.


We supply you and your customers with the required spare parts promptly from Ystad, Sweden. Our worldwide support includes service technicians ready to help you on site at short notice. With our detailed manuals you get clear and easily understandable instructions on the operation of the complete system. The manuals are made available in the language of your choice on demand.

Advanced software

Our tools for critical design considerations enable us to calculate air dissipation very
precisely. There is even a formula to calculate the actual velocity of the air bubbles.
We have the necessary software programmes to calculate the size of the gravity return lines, the resulting pressure drop through these lines at different ambient temperatures in graphic form. This gives full control of factors such as temperature and the condition of the oil.

Complete lubrication systems

Research and development together with our customershas led to extensive knowledge of what is needed to design systems operating with high- viscosity oils (400-25 000 cSt).
To complete our lubrication range we provide automatic grease lubrication systems for small roller bearings and labyrinth seals. Where there is risk of labyrinth seal grease contaminating the hydrostatic bearing unit, we use oil instead.