PMC Hydraulics (IND)

PMC Hydraulics Ltd. was acquired in May 2011 and has operations at two locations, Bangalore and Chennai. PMC Hydraulics Ltd. is a manufacturer of hydraulic systems for regulation and control of wind turbines for the local market.

  • PMC Hydrualics Ltd

The company was founded in 2004 and acquired by PMC Hydraulics Group in 2011. PMC Hydraulics Ltd strengthens PMC Hydraulics Group's position as leading vendor to the wind power industry, and provides the company with a secure base to keep developing business in India and the rest of Asia.

The company designs and produces manifold blocks and hydraulic systems for regulation and pitch control of wind turbines.

The company has some 40 employees and operates in Bangalore and Chennai, where several of PMC Hydraulics Group's customers have their manufacturing plants.

Having our own production facilities in India enables PMC Hydraulics Group to offer optimum service not just to large wind turbine manufacturers, but also to PMC Hydraulics Group's other industrial customers which have activities in India. We also expect that Indian customers in certain niches will have a need for the technology that we offer within hydraulics.