Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner

What can Kleentek ELCs do?

ELCs remove all types and sizes of insoluble oil contamination, whether they are metal, non-metal, organic, or inorganic materials. In particular, they can remove oil oxidation products, a major cause of hydraulic system malfunctions. Oil oxidation products are mostly sub-micron and they are difficult to remove by conventional filters. However, Kleentek's unique electrostatic attraction technology allows all insoluble contaminants to be removed not only from the oil...... but from the system internals.

ELCs exploit the principle that the insoluble contaminants are polar. These polar materials are classified into three types, i.e. charged positive, charged negative or neutral. The ELC process passes the oil along a series of anodes and cathodes within a special Collector Chamber. In doing so the positively or negatively charged contaminants are attracted to their opposite electrode through a process known as electrophoretic migration and are captured by a Collector Element within the Chamber. Meanwhile the neutral contaminants are attracted to the area of highest field intensity created by the specific pleat angles of the Collector Element media through a process known as dielectrophoretic migration.

By adopting these two mechanisms simultaneously, unparalleled levels of oil cleanliness can be achieved. This leads to benefits including:

  • Increased oil life by removal of ageing catalysts
  • Prevention and removal of Varnish thus eliminating valve stick, high friction etc.
  • Improved plant reliability, cycle times, product quality
  • Improved power consumption due to reduced friction
The right figure shows how two mechanisms, electrophoretic and dielectrophoretic migrations, are in action simultaneously.
Basic installation of an ELC unit

  1. Removal of oil oxidation products, thereby enabling to maintain oil clean.
  2. Improvement of productivity by reducing hydraulic problems, preventing intermittent interruptions, stabilising cycle times, and cutting warm-up operation times.
  3. Realisation of keeping clean environment through prolonging lifetime of oil.
  4. Realising power savings, resulting in significant cost cut for users. 




Model - click model No. for additional information

consumption (W)

L x W x H (mm)

Weight (kg) 
1 ELC-R3PSP* 140 311 x 361 x 531 20
2 ELC-R6PSP* 140 359 x 386 x 531 23
3 ELC-R10SP 150 675 x 350 x 915 70
4 ELC-R25SP 150 675 x 350 x 950 72
5 ELC-R50SP 500 710 x 530 x 1080 108
6 ELC-R100SP 600 1070 x 515 x 1080 161

 *  This type of unit is also available without a pump.

Operating conditions - Mineral oils excluding engine oil

  • Oil temperature: Less than 60˚C (special units available for 85˚C)
  • Water content: Less than 200ppm Viscosity: less than 220cst
  • Standard power : Standard units available in 240V and 110V single phase, 3 phase available on request
  • For other organic solvents and fire-retardant synthetic oils, separate specifications may be applied.
  • Please consult us as different models may be required depending on oil quantities and contamination levels.
  • The portable units for EU applications are fully CE marked.