Oil Conditioning and Monitoring

PMC Hydraulics uses different tecnologies for cleaning and monitoring oil contamination.

One of the tecnologies used is Electrostatic Oil Cleaning Systems from Kleentek. These systems have unique ability to draw contaminants of all sizes out of the oil, trapping them on the surface of the collector. The removal of all insoluble contaminants including tars and varnishes allows you to maximise your control for ultimate machine performance.

Traditional mechanical filters remove only large particles, while KLEENTEK electrostatic systems are particle size independent allowing submicronic particles (.05 micron and below) as well as large contaminants to be removed from any non-conductive liquid. Only insoluble oil contaminants are extracted; soluble additives that are present in the oil are not affected. Because this system is so effective in maintaining the cleanliness level of oil, KLEENTEK eliminates the need for repeated oil changes and system downtime.

KLEENTEK operates without supervision.

Consequences of faulty oil management


Technical View

Economical View, etc.


More and/or longer downtime (planned or unplanned)

Increased costs for reduced production = low productivity


Higher friction = increased energy consumption

Increased energy costs


Increased change of components (pumps, valves, bearings, etc.)

Increased costs for spare parts


Frequent changes of oil, filters, and seals/gaskets

Increased costs for disposals


More frequent changes of components, cleaning of components and oil tanks

Increased service costs


Irregular motions in valves, wear of bearings etc. = poor product quality

Increased rejection costsIncreased costs for rework


Increased wear of seals = increased leakage of oil

Decreased quality of working environment = increased risk of accidents


Frequent changes of oil

Risk of pollution of waste oil incl. flushing oil = increased risks for the outer environment