Drilling Equipment

Over the years, PMC Hydraulics A/S has been involved in several
5-year class overhauls on drilling equipment.

  • PLS - Pick up Lay down System

  • Lower gear for PRS before overhaul

  • Lower gear for PRS after overhaul

  • Power roller before overhaul

  • Power roller after overhaul

  • Iron roughneck after overhaul

The equipment will be overhauled according to OEM specifications.

PMC Hydraulics is responsible for the entire project and can also deliver spare parts.


  • Maersk Gallant
  • Maersk Guardian
  • Maersk Inspirer
  • Maersk Giant
  • Maersk Enhancer
  • Maersk Excerter

Examples of products:

  • Pipehandler PH 85
  • Ironroughneck AR 4500
  • Ironroughneck AR 3200
  • Pipe deck machine
  • PLS systems
  • Power roller
  • Conveyor systems