For filtration of gear oil we use in-line filters with large by-pass construction and optional magnetic pre-filtration. The filter elements have a large “dirt holding capacity”, and are 10 micron ß75 element or better.

Some of the benefits using magnetic pre-filtration are:


  • Increased lifetime of the filter element
  • Ferro-magnetic particles are captured by the magnets, even when running in by- pass
  • Non-magnetic particles stick to the magnet column
  • Particles smaller than filter pore size are captured
  • Less dirt concentration in solenoid valves or other components with an internal magnetic field

Magnets last a lifetime!

Positive influence on reducing oil degradation.

In addition to these characteristics, the magnets give an “Early warning” about the condition in the gearbox. Fragments are “captured” by the magnetic column and give visual indication of the state of the system.