Lubrication and Cooling Systems

PMC WINDSYN holds a strong position in the global energy sector offering customised lubrication, filtering and cooling systems for gearboxes used in the wind turbine industry.

We want to develop our core competences within design and production of lubrication and cooling systems as well as our advisory skills to secure the optimum choice of technical components for our customers.

PMC WINDSYN holds special expertise within filter and pump technology. Our objective is to ensure that we can supply reliable filtration systems and pumps for lubricating systems.

The close contact to the customer ensures that PMC Windsyn has a great experience from many different applications.

PMC Windsyn has developed complete, reliable and safe systems based on our experience with lubrication and cooling systems for wind turbines.

In order to comply with the demand for high turbine availability and long service intervals in the wind energy sector, we supply a combination of high-quality components and know-how which ensures 'best in class' lubrication & cooling performance