Pitch Control

  • Photo by Vestas Wind Systems A/S

We have specialised in hydraulic pitch control, and by means of this technology we believe to have the optimum solution for the two major functions in the pitch system:

  • Positioning the blade in the correct position for optimum output during normal operation
  • Ensuring a very simple, fast and highly reliable emergency stop function.

In addition to the precise positioning of the blade via the hydraulic cylinders, a number of benefits relates to the use of hydraulic systems:

  • Full torque in all situations, regardless of blade position
  • Pitch systems are not sensitive to cold climate conditions, as heat can be added to all relevant parts of the system
  • Individual, fast reacting and easy to recharge power backup via emergency accumulators to each cylinder.

One major benefit of the hydraulic pitch system is the very short start-up time after an emergency stop. The wind turbine is ready to restart production after only a few minutes, when recharging of the emergency accumulators has been completed.