Wind Energy

PMC Windsyn is the centre of all wind turbine related activities in PMC Group. PMC Windsyn provides hydraulic and lubrication systems for wind turbines, and have specialised in hydraulic systems for pitch, brake and yaw as well as systems for lube oil conditioning and cooling.

  • Sectional view of a wind turbine

PMC Windsyn offers a full range of hydraulic solutions to all Power, Motion and Control functions in a modern wind turbine, whether these are integrated systems or standalone solutions. We have the experience and technical knowhow to support the whole process from early design and construction to installation and operation, service and maintenance.

Our strategy is to be an integrated partner throughout the complete supply chain, and our success is based on many years of experience with hydraulic and lubrication oil systems, combined with creativity and extensive knowledge of wind technology applications.

The wind turbine industry has developed rapidly and extensively. Not only technologically but also in terms of higher expectations for supplier skills and competences in a broader perspective and through the complete supply chain.

PMC Windsyn is recognised as an innovative partner in these areas.

Our products and solutions – from a technical perspective: 

Lubrication and Cooling Systems

PMC WINDSYN holds a strong position in the global energy sector offering customised lubrication, filtering and cooling systems for gearboxes used in the wind turbine industry. Read more


Filter  Manifold Solution


Based on tests and years of experience we utilise a specially designed screw pump to pump the high viscosity gear oil.


For filtration of gear oil we use in-line filters with large by-pass construction and optional magnetic pre-filtration.

Manifolds and Cooling

PMC Windsyn has developed a range of unique manifold solutions for application in systems operating with high viscosity oil.

Hydraulic Solutions

There are many benefits to be gained by selecting hydraulic solutions. When choosing a hydraulic power unit in a wind turbine to provide power for pitch control, other functions like yaw, drive or brake systems can be integrated, reducing the total number of systems required, and thus reducing the overall costs. Read more 

Power Unit

Pitch Control 

Brake System

Power Unit

Based on tests and years of experience we utilise a specially designed screw pump to pump the high viscosity gear oil.

Pitch Control

We have specialised in hydraulic pitch control, and by means of this technology we believe to have the optimum solution for the two major functions in the pitch system.

Brake System

Hydraulic yaw systems can be delivered as stand-alone systems or as an integrated part of the power unit used for pitch/brake.

PMC Windsyn has the right technology for all operational conditions from low to high temperatures, as well as onshore/offshore environments.