Now we are established in Poland

2012-09-06 21:39

PMC Hydraulika Sp.z.o.o

Our latest addition to the group, PMCHydraulikaSp.z.o.o., located in Szczecin in Northwest Poland, has now started its production. In late September/early October, two milestones were passed in establishing PMC Hydraulika: we took over the premises we had rented and our Polish local manager, Piotr Bloch, took up his post. The establishment project then entered a more intensive phase, which resulted in the factory being ready for production and first delivery 1 December 2011.

Who is Piotr Bloch?

Piotr is our newly-appointed local manager, with extensive experience in managing production operations in Poland. Piotr has a background in the Danish electronics manufacturer Sonion, where he most recently was a local manager for a major company and, before that, had held a range of different positions at Sonion during his 12 years there. Piotr, 38, trained as an engineer at the West Pomeranian University of Technology and is currently reading for an MBA at the West Pomerania Business School.

The type of premises we have?

A very suitable set of premises, exceptionally located for our type of operation, with good opportunities to serve our Polish customers as well as the Nordic market. The production area amounts to 450 m² and there is 136 m² of office space, with the possibility of increasing the production area by a further 300 m² in the adjoining premises.
What is suitable for manufacturing in Poland:
1.    Only serial-production of fully-developed units or sub-systems
2.    Small and medium-sized units (up to 350 litres)
3.    Input power is limited to 100 Amps
4.    Lifting capacity up to threetonnes (truck)
5.    Currently no dedicated painting facility, but may be provided externally
       as required
6.    We currently lack the equipment for testing, but obviously we can invest in
       this when the need arises

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Polish production operations, please
contact the undersigned.

Patrik Olsson
President PMC Hytech