Together, we increase the efficiency of the projects

2012-09-10 21:47

The path to an effective partnership relies on listening to your counterpart followed by the ability to act from both parties.One of the biggest challenges in achieving an effective cooperation in a short time is also securing that it leads to high quality, short lead times and constantly improved equipment over time.

"PMC Hytech now introduce an electronic survey tool to ensure that we continuously perform better in a increasingly competitive market. By asking a series of questions on completed projects regarding time schedules, technical specifications and delivery performance, etc. the opportunity is given to mutual learning that increases the competitiveness of our customers over time. ", says Dan Svanfelt, PMC Hytechs Business Development Manager

For the limited effort of 5-10 minutes PMC Hytechs customers gets the opportunity to provide feedback on their expectations and requirements all int aim to secure the future efficiency in the projects.
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