Clear demands reduce costs and strengthen competitiveness

2012-09-10 21:44

Shortening lead times, reducing costs and making service easier – all this is essential on an increasingly tough market. Through a clear picture of the requirements and early participation in the development of new solutions, the best conditions for success can be achieved.

In the day-to-day operations it is often the service and maintenance organization that sees how the equipment can be improved in order to reduce stoppages and avoid lost production. The basic requirement was to develop a series of lubrication units in a robust and service-friendly design for inaccessible and demanding environments.

The top priority was to tackle key functions by harmonizing product choices linked to the technical and commercial demands. For each variant in the product line, modules were used which, in the right combination, led to an overall standardization.

The work of designing this was aimed at increased functionality with the potential for reduced costs. Unnecessary functions have been removed, all service points have been made accessible, and many of the critical functions can be controlled during operation without the need for specialized staff.

Today we have a unit that is simple to produce from a number of modules with a limited choice of products. This has led to cuts in total costs, shorter lead times and simpler management of the aftermarket. Below is a brief description of the keys to success in this.

1.    Accessibility – coarse filters can be inspected during operation.
2.    Clean oil – oil goes to the main pumps through a separate tank.
3.    Standardized – harmonization of pumps which are also backward-compatible.
4.    Energy efficiency – adapting pressure level and optimizing electric motors.
5.    Service-friendly – better accessibility of critical components.